Why charter a luxury yacht

Luxury charter yacht gives you a one in a lifetime experience to
the world of relaxation and connection with nature in a luxury
and private environment.

Many well known personalities have used yachts in order to combine
privacy and luxury. Nevertheless this kind of experience is getting more
popular to people that want to explore the nature and enjoy life in its best way.
You can enjoy a unique experience on board avoiding the cruise ship
restrictions and the inconvenience of busy hotels and overcrowded
restaurants Yacht charters offer you the opportunity to have the
vacations you need for meaningful and deeply rejuvenating leaving
Our well trained crew members are there to fulfil day to day specialized needs
in luxury accommodation, gourmet fine dishes with superior ingredients while
your mind and soul embraces the unique Mediterranean sea and sun.
The luxury comport on accommodation on yacht can be compared to
that of the best hotels with the added value of having a 24hours costumed
made services.

There is also the option that special events can be arranged from our
experienced crew that could include anyone from award winning Chefs to
qualified beauty therapists.

A corporate yacht charter is also offered for impressing professional
relationships for formal meetings and dinners with exquisite fine dining or an
evening cocktail party at an international business event on a luxury yacht.

Whether you are an experienced sailing professional looking for sea
adventure or just looking for a luxurious with endless possibilities vacation that
caters to the needs of all your family and friends, a luxury yacht charter can
offer an ultimate experience of bliss and natural beauty.