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The Best Yachts for Rent in Mykonos!

Are you looking for a  different vacation in 2018? Tired of sunburn and chasing the kiddies around the resort?  Have you ever considered renting a boat? Now you can go yachting in the Greek islands like a pro traveller for affordable prices- and spend your vacation sailing in the sea!

Make your dreams come true by booking with Yachts Mykonos and enjoy the trip of a lifetime sailing around the Greek islands! Enjoy beautiful beaches, travel to the party in style or even spend your whole holiday on one of our luxury yachts. When you book with us we will provide a crew who are ready to sail from Mykonos to all of the hidden beaches and undiscovered parts of the islands that are impossible to reach otherwise- should you be enable to man your boat or yacht yourself.

The Greek islands are renowned for their undeniable beauty and immaculate beaches- so why not book your next trip to Mykonos2018? Party in style or live in luxury for less than the price of a hotel plus travelling. Take in the fabulous Mykonos coastline or cruise along the mainland, rent a boat and explore the other islands- whatever your whim we can provide a crew and yacht charter that will suit your needs. Yachts Mykonos really do have the best luxury yacht service in all the Greek islands! Don’t believe us? Click here to view the wide range of luxury yachts we have on offer!

Mykonos sports a number of seafront attractions such as Little Venice, the waterfont town best explored by boat, and Delos, the island to the west of the Greek island Mykonos which has been made into a museum in its own right due to an archaeological dig site. These are places best reached by renting a boat or chartering a yacht to cross the sea. Why book with Yachts Mykonos in 2018? We will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, check out some of our testimonials from satisfied customers!

So this year why not surprise your family and book a trip with us. Impress your friends or business colleagues by renting a boat or chartering a yacht instead of the usual party on the beach- have your party on a yacht instead! Make Mykonos2018 your travel destination and sail the seas around the Greek islands instead of ‘hanging out’ in a resort for a fortnight. Let us take care of your boating needs while you live a life of luxury, sailing the crystal waters around our wonderful island!

Here at Yachts Mykonos we can tailor every trip to your specifications, taking the worry from booking and leaving you free to party (if that’s your thing.) You can find out everything you need to know about us by visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you- because until we do you are going to be missing out on the yachting, boating or sailing trip of a lifetime!

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