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Mykonos meeting point

A meeting point of two million visitors a year, an island surrounded by turquoise waters receives the beneficial influence of the wind, is flooded with small white cycladic houses, is adjacent to the Mythical island of Delos, but above all, creates a”stream”. Uniquely joining the rich past with the different present, Mykonos belongs to the future. Its secret is its people. A gathering of people and cultures on a dot on the map, enchanted by the white all around, the smell of the sea salt and the blue of the sky.

Its aura is one hundred percent positive, and it’s easy to understand why when, within 30 minutes you find yourself in a place where the glorious past, the myths and secrets of millennia star in. The distance between places in Mykonos is small and it allows you to change places and beaches according to the mood of each moment. Where ever you are, the aesthetics is high and the sensation is unique.

As for the memories, they are always alive, if you think that Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy, Jean Paul Sartre have walked these streets and up until today so many famous designers, Hollywood actors and celebrities from all over the world walk right beside you. You are on an island, where everyone is.

Mykonos has the whole package and within it resides you too, since you have chosen it for your vacation and you have reached it, coming from the farthest edge of the world. Live and taste the magic of the moment on an island that combines everything and never stops challenging you. What you will choose is exclusively up to you. Relax and have fun. Summer is calling you!

Private cruise to the South Coast of Mykonos

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