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Agios Sostis

Large, sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in Mykonos, to the northern part of the island. On the beach will not be found neither umbrellas and sun loungers, nor beach bars. Long ago it used to be the traditional nudist beach. You will discover it after Ponormos and there you can enjoy nature and diving in the sea. Due to the existence of only a small and tavern without electricity, it would be best to have all the necessary items upon arrival.


It’s a small sandy beach next to Agios Yiannis. It is the “secret” of the well-informed and the beloved choice of “regulars” and distant socialites. It possesses fine sand and the best view to Delos (wonderful sunset).

You can easily reach a certain point by car, after that however it requires walking on a very downhill, rocky, steep path.


A distant beach, next to Photos for truly relaxing holidays and an unforgettable swim. The beach is 12 km away from Chora and one can find it by leaving Ano Mera and following the road towards Maou and the dam of Phokos. It is divided into two smaller beaches by a volume of low rocks that reach the sea, which you can easily skip even barefoot. There is also a little surprise further along for those who like to explore… but it requires strong feet and good shoes! There is no restaurant so it would be best that you have the necessary supplies, including an umbrella.

Agia Anna Paragas

It’s about a scenic bay next to the bustling Paraga, just opposite Platis Yialos, with which it is joined by a small path. It is a safe haven for those who want to experience a traditional Mykonian way of living. Although lately there is more traffic due to neighboring Paraga as well as shops that have opened in the area, there is a quiet and picturesque comer that will reward your journey. The beach has some umbrellas provided by the traditional tavern of the area.

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