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Cosmopolitan beaches

Perhaps the most Important of the tourist asset of Mykonos, that distinguish It from other Islands are the beaches.

Here are without doubt the most – and best – to be found . Particularly In the South, the picturesque coves with sandy beaches follow one another.

Those beaches, can be reached by car or motorbike, since the radial roads of the island starting from the Mykonos town stretches nearly to each comer.

Precisely because of that particular road network in the island, many Southern beaches are linked with each other with a boat operating on a regular service, al day aD summer, which offers the visitor a very interesting excursion opportunity.


A timeless cosmopolitan beach, Psarrou has been monopolizing the preferences of famous and high-budget holidaymakers in Mykonos since a really long time ago.

Its leeward closed bay with its green clear waters is the favorite of the rich & famous of the international jet set of the planet With fine sand, the organized south beach of Mykonos often hosts events, has a lifeguard, multiple sun lounges, as well as space for your towel in the middle. You will rarely find it empty, without the luxurious yachts anchored in the bay perimeter. The meandering road leading to the beach requires special attention, while the parking area is scarce for those who do not have a restaurant as their destination.

Kalo Livadi

It is one of the largest beaches of Mykonos and definitely the one with the finest sand. Kalo Livadi is a southeastern open bay 10 km away from Chora, in the area of Ano Mem. An organized beach with a lifeguard, which grew to be very popular over the years. The beach of Kalo Livadi is calling you to dive into its turquoise waters and experience moments of absolute relaxation. It is known for its good clientele and its family oriented character.


In recent years, Paraga also entered the spotlight. It is the first stop of the boat that starts from Platis Yialos on the way to the famous southern beaches of the island. It is accessible by car or motorbike, however the boat would be the safest choice as to avoid overcrowding and the hassle of parking. Its main characteristic would be the large rock inside, from which you can enjoy diving or sunbathing. It is provided with umbrellas and sun loungers, restaurants and bars by the sea for all tastes and budgets.


A northern bay with wild beauty, Panormos gets unfolded in front of your eyes after the route to Marathi. A few meters away from the biggest dam of the island, the visitors get in touch with the black cave and the wild beauty of Panormos. Up until recently it was a calm beach, but lately there have been various events in a restaurant in the area, something that changed its former physiognomy, resulting into being the main preference of many well-known people and socialites. It is provided with lifeguards and umbrellas, but it also has plenty of space to laydown your towel in case you would prefer a “simpler” vacation.

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