For relaxation

Agios Sostis

Large, sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in Mykonos, to the northern part of the island. On the beach will not be found neither umbrellas and sun loungers, nor beach bars. Long ago it used to be the traditional nudist beach. You will discover it after Ponormos and there you can enjoy nature and diving in the sea. Due to the existence of only a small and tavern without electricity, it would be best to have all the necessary items upon arrival.


It’s a small sandy beach next to Agios Yiannis. It is the “secret” of the well-informed and the beloved choice of “regulars” and distant socialites. It possesses fine sand and the best view to Delos (wonderful sunset).

You can easily reach a certain point by car, after that however it requires walking on a very downhill, rocky, steep path.


A distant beach, next to Photos for truly relaxing holidays and an unforgettable swim. The beach is 12 km away from Chora and one can find it by leaving Ano Mera and following the road towards Maou and the dam of Phokos. It is divided into two smaller beaches by a volume of low rocks that reach the sea, which you can easily skip even barefoot. There is also a little surprise further along for those who like to explore… but it requires strong feet and good shoes! There is no restaurant so it would be best that you have the necessary supplies, including an umbrella.

Agia Anna Paragas

It’s about a scenic bay next to the bustling Paraga, just opposite Platis Yialos, with which it is joined by a small path. It is a safe haven for those who want to experience a traditional Mykonian way of living. Although lately there is more traffic due to neighboring Paraga as well as shops that have opened in the area, there is a quiet and picturesque comer that will reward your journey. The beach has some umbrellas provided by the traditional tavern of the area.

Time to Party

Mykonos is the only place in the world with the two earthly paradises: the simple one and the super one. In fact, we’re talking about the beaches of Kalamopodi and Plintri to the south side of the island that have become known since the 1970s with “code” names.


Paradise is a hallmark of the island, with homonymous camping known from years ago for its nudists, who, nowadays have  limited quite a lot. Its a beach with thick sand, which has become famous for its entertainment that begins early in the afternoon and continues until late at night. It is consisted,  famous bars, the most famous of which the internationally renowned Cavo Paradiso club to the northern end of the beach. The most famous Djs in the world pass through here the summer, exciting the crowds and keeping up the fun. People can reach the coast by car , motorbike and bus, since it is the only beach with so many frequent timetables almost hours a day.

Super Paradise

The renowned Super Paradise counts already half a century of existence. From the early 1970s to the present day, the beach has created an enviable fun club and has its name endorsed with its daily parties. Millions of tourists pass through here every year, both for its splendid waters and for the entertainment that begins early in the afternoon and continues until late at night. The road network leads you to both sides of the organised beach with the fine golden sand and teal waters. To get to Super Paradise there is also a bus ride from the old harbor, with frequent timetables.

Family oriented beaches in Mykonos


Family oriented, shallow and hospitable, the bustling Omos, the beach of the homonymous settlement, is one of the beaches preferred by parents and younger people in recent years. A scenic bay with shallow blue waters, leeward to the north, with fine sand. It is easily accessible by bus, car and motorbike. You could possibly encounter a problem concerning the parking, unless you are a regular at one of the many restaurants and taverns in the area. It has a lifeguard and is almost full of umbrellas and sun loungers. The only spot for you to laydown your towel is to the south side of the bay.

Agios Yiannis

It’s the beach that has a privileged view over Delos, the cape of Aleomandra and the canal between Mykonos and Delos. Its main characteristic is the chapel of Agios Yiannis to the west of the bay, to which it owes its name. A sandy beach with good taverns for food, with many beach houses and luxurious villas, as well as large hotel units in the wider region. The beach is recommended for those who want peace and relaxation when swimming. Water sports do not exist, but one can find umbrellas with sun loungers. The beach can be reached by going towards Ornos and taking the road west.

Platis Gialos

It could claim the title of the blue lake of Mykonos. The picturesque and cosmopolitan Platis Yialos has always been a leeward bay on the southern side of the island. It is also an organized beach with fine sand and unique teal waters. It is full of restaurants and hotels and is one of the most favorite beaches of both younger and older people. This beach is a staple for those who want a scenic ride onboard to the famous beaches of Mykonos, as it is the starting point of all the traditional caiques that take you to them with frequent rides from morning till night. Access by bus would be appropriate. There are only private parkings. It is provided with lifeguards and water sports.

Agios Stephanos

Closest to Chora, Agios Stefanos has always been a safe haven for those who wish to swim in turquoise waters without, however, the abuzz atmosphere of other beaches. It’s a sandy beach with quite shallow water, only… .km away from Chora and is easily accessible by bus but also by car and motorbike. It is an organised beach with umbrellas and sun loungers, but it has also space for you to lay your own towel. It is provided with lifeguards and a beachfront restaurants’ private parking.


Another long beach with teal deep waters located to the southeast of the island. It’s an organized beach with a lifeguard, water sports and taverns by the sea. It is provided with umbrellas and sun loungers, but also plenty of trees that reduce the wind and invite you to lie underneath their shade.

Ideal for those who want to swim quietly, away from prying eye…


Cosmopolitan beaches

Perhaps the most Important of the tourist asset of Mykonos, that distinguish It from other Islands are the beaches.

Here are without doubt the most – and best – to be found . Particularly In the South, the picturesque coves with sandy beaches follow one another.

Those beaches, can be reached by car or motorbike, since the radial roads of the island starting from the Mykonos town stretches nearly to each comer.

Precisely because of that particular road network in the island, many Southern beaches are linked with each other with a boat operating on a regular service, al day aD summer, which offers the visitor a very interesting excursion opportunity.


A timeless cosmopolitan beach, Psarrou has been monopolizing the preferences of famous and high-budget holidaymakers in Mykonos since a really long time ago.

Its leeward closed bay with its green clear waters is the favorite of the rich & famous of the international jet set of the planet With fine sand, the organized south beach of Mykonos often hosts events, has a lifeguard, multiple sun lounges, as well as space for your towel in the middle. You will rarely find it empty, without the luxurious yachts anchored in the bay perimeter. The meandering road leading to the beach requires special attention, while the parking area is scarce for those who do not have a restaurant as their destination.

Kalo Livadi

It is one of the largest beaches of Mykonos and definitely the one with the finest sand. Kalo Livadi is a southeastern open bay 10 km away from Chora, in the area of Ano Mem. An organized beach with a lifeguard, which grew to be very popular over the years. The beach of Kalo Livadi is calling you to dive into its turquoise waters and experience moments of absolute relaxation. It is known for its good clientele and its family oriented character.


In recent years, Paraga also entered the spotlight. It is the first stop of the boat that starts from Platis Yialos on the way to the famous southern beaches of the island. It is accessible by car or motorbike, however the boat would be the safest choice as to avoid overcrowding and the hassle of parking. Its main characteristic would be the large rock inside, from which you can enjoy diving or sunbathing. It is provided with umbrellas and sun loungers, restaurants and bars by the sea for all tastes and budgets.


A northern bay with wild beauty, Panormos gets unfolded in front of your eyes after the route to Marathi. A few meters away from the biggest dam of the island, the visitors get in touch with the black cave and the wild beauty of Panormos. Up until recently it was a calm beach, but lately there have been various events in a restaurant in the area, something that changed its former physiognomy, resulting into being the main preference of many well-known people and socialites. It is provided with lifeguards and umbrellas, but it also has plenty of space to laydown your towel in case you would prefer a “simpler” vacation.

Lighthouse on the Mykonos island Armenistis

The first thing someone encounters in his journey, approaching Mykonos by ferry from Piraeus or Rafina, is the imposing lighthouse on the island Armenistis as it is named took its name after the homonym cape of Mykonos.

Built at an altitude of 184 meters in the northwest end of the island, Armenistis has been declared as a mohument since 2012 by the Ministry of Culture and is one of the most important jewels of Mykonos. With a tower height of 19 meters, the lighthouse was built in 1891 after the sinking of the British ship «volta» in 1887 on the north coast of Mykonos, where 11 crew members drowned The mechanism of the original lamp Armenistis was a SAUTER LEMONIER construction, and was awarded by the International Exhibition of Paris. Since 1983, it is exhibited in the courtyard of the Sea Maritime Museum, housed in a traditional Cydadic building of the 19th century, in the center of Mykonos, in Tria Pigadia.

A pole of attraction for locals and tourists, Armenistis has a special place in the heart of Mykonian citizens. The lighthouse was recently conserved externally and -at times- has hosted exhibitions and concerts on summer nights.

Dreamily are the sunsets with view to the deep blue and canvas the panorama to the neighbouring islands starting from the right and moving left: Tinos, Gyaros, Kythnos (in depth), Syros, Rinia and Delos. It is an energy spot of serenity and view that calms the soul Ideal for romantic sunsets, although rare to not meet couples and groups in the courtyard any time you pass by.